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1978 London Synthesizer Centre.
1980 BT plc.
2008 Real Time Content.
2010 Itron, Inc.
2019 Concorde Media Group.
2020 Sound Extensions.
Visualisers blog (Synthesizerwriter) My blog using my 'Synthesizerwriter' alias, which features reports on what I've been doing in electronic music, plus related oddments that catch my attention...
Visualisers real time content After working for a large corporate telco for many years, Real Time Content was very different. It was the first company that I founded, and was directly based on one of my ideas...
Visualisers visualisers For many years now, I've been investigating visualisers - software that turns music into moving pictures.
Sound Synthesis & Sampling Book sound synthesis
& sampling
My book, as published by Focal Press. I had been working for some time on a new 'completely revised and updated' edition, and the third edition was published in 2008.
Hi-tech Music hi-tech music One of my main interests since childhood. MIDI sequencing is something I would love to be able to spend more time on...
Anime and Japanese anime and japanese A more recent addition to my interests. Before the Web Browser was invented, I was one of the brave individuals who used ftp as a primitive file exchange system. One day I discovered Nadia and Marc Hairston, and the flood gates were opened.
3D & Animation 3d and animation A long-lasting obsession. After a long search for the right 3D and animation package for me, I heard about Martin Hash's 'Animation Master', and I've been using it ever since. A classic piece of amazing software written by a small and incredibly dedicated team of people.
Wallgames wall games For many years, I've been a frequent contributor to something known as 'Wall Games', which are puzzle games (usually on pieces of A4 paper) that you put onto walls at parties, and that the party-goers then try to solve. I thought that this would be a good place to publish some of them.
Betsubetsu betsubetsu The Betsubetsu web-site is a slightly dusty art and animation project that is currently not receiving the attention that it deserves. I've been very busy with a variety of other projects, and this one has been overlooked in the rush. I'm hoping to be able to spend more time on it in the coming period.
Other Martin Russes other martin russes... There are other people with the same name as myself. One notable example was the author of a number of military studies of the Korean war...

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